Catalyst PAC Moved Voters in 2022!

With bold investments in districts across the United States, Catalyst PAC was able to support superlative new GOP Congressional leaders and move voters over one percent in key Toss-Up races. The GOP has  made historic gains in diverse communities, but the work for 2024 begins now.

Read more about our unique mission as the only GOP outside group to support diverse Republican candidates and reach every American community with the GOP message of prosperity, peace through strength, and a shot at the American Dream in every community.

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We support diverse Republican voices for U.S. Congress


At our core, we believe America deserves a Republican Party that's reflective of our nation's current demographics.

That's exactly why we're working to identify, recruit, & support candidates from a wide variety of racial, ethnic, religious, & sexual orientation backgrounds which aren't currently well-represented in the ranks of Congressional Republicans.

There's no question there's a dire need for diversity within the GOP's current elected leadership in Washington, DC.

We're charting a course to achieve just that — as we appeal to voters with a fresh message they haven't from national Republicans for far too long, one that says:

"You, too, belong with us."



Donors of $100 or more will have influence on candidate endorsements. Donors of over $250 will get a say on which races Catalyst PAC invests in!

Our Candidates

Catalyst PAC endorsed and supported diverse candidates across our great nation to help flip Congress in 2022 — and helped bring a new generation of diverse conservative voices to Washington! Donors who choose to support will have a say in our endorsement process.

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"It's very important that people feel they can relate to their candidate. That's why I am supporting Catalyst PAC in its mission to build a more representative Republican Party."

NRCC Recruitment Chair


Why Support Catalyst PAC

  • We are the only federal Political Action Committee (PAC) ensuring that the next wave of Republican leaders in Congress is representative of all of America — and can speak to all Americans!

  • Your donation goes directly to candidates who are helping change the face of the Republican Party, and will help us flip Congress in 2022!

  • Network with candidates as well as with current elected Congressional leadership

  • Gain intimate familiarity with efforts of like-minded party leaders and activists — including through exclusive Catalyst PAC updates and events.

  • Donors of $100 and over help us decide on our endorsements this summer. Donors of $250 and over help us decide which races we are going to target to invest our resources.


This initiative is powered by the support & guidance of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, who are committed to the Republican Party's diversification – when it comes to both its elected leadership & voters.

Larissa is a political strategist with a proven track record of delivering winning, multifaceted strategies by combining policy, communications and grassroots organizing expertise.  Martinez has served as a Senior Government Relations Professional at Washington, DC-based government relations firm, Invariant, and on the transition team for President Trump.

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Larissa Martinez

Board of Directors

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Albert Eisenberg is millennial political strategist and entrepreneur who is devoted to building a Big Tent GOP and creating a conservative movement that is inclusive of all Americans. He is the Principal of the Philadelphia and Charleston-based agency BlueStateRed, and appears regularly in print on RealClearPolitics and other outlets
Albert Eisenberg


The generosity of our sponsoring individuals, organizations and Congressional Leaders makes it possible for Catalyst PAC to fulfill our mission.

We're grateful for their commitment towards a Republican Party that's more representative of America on the whole.