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We support diverse

Republican voices for U.S. Congress


At our core, we believe America deserves a Republican Party that's reflective of our nation's current demographics.

That's exactly why we're working to identify, recruit, & support candidates from a wide variety of racial, ethnic, religious, & sexual orientation backgrounds which aren't currently well-represented in the ranks of Congressional Republicans.

There's no question there's a dire need for diversity within the GOP's current elected leadership in Washington, DC.

We're charting a course to achieve just that -- as we appeal to voters with a fresh message they haven't from national Republicans for far too long, one that says:

"You, too, belong with us."

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Why Join Us?


  • Ensure the next wave of Republican leaders in Congress is representative of various backgrounds which speak to the unique racial, ethnic, & sexual orientation experiences of our fellow Americans

  • Gain intimate familiarity with efforts of like-minded activists as well as the work of subject matter experts in issue areas like immigration, energy, & health care

  • Network with candidates as well as with current elected Congressional leadership

  • Develop relationships with like-minded Republicans from varied backgrounds 

  • Access exclusive events both inside & outside of Washington, DC 


  • Help craft & further a mainstream narrative about the core values of Republicans like you!




Since our effort launched in May of 2019, we've been meeting & interviewing Congressional candidates around the country who look, feel, sound, & seem different from what’s been characterized as a traditional Republican.

If you're a candidate interested in being considered for our support, please don't hesitate to Contact Us today!

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This initiative is powered by the support & guidance of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, who are committed to the Republican Party's diversification – when it comes to both its elected leadership & voters. 

Larissa is a political strategist with a proven track record of delivering winning, multifaceted strategies by combining policy, communications and grassroots organizing expertise.  Martinez has served as a Senior Government Relations Professional at Washington, DC-based government relations firm, Invariant, and on the transition team for President Trump.

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Founder, Executive Director

Board of Directors



The generosity of these individuals & organizations make it possible

for us to fulfill our mission.

We're grateful for their commitment towards a Republican Party that's more representative of America on the whole.

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