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Millions of voters across our country are waiting to hear a compelling GOP message.


Catalyst PAC is the only outside group dedicated to sharing the Republican message with America's diverse voters, and supporting diverse candidates for U.S. Congress.

America deserves a Republican Party that's reflective of our great nation!

That's exactly why
we are identifying, recruiting & supporting candidates from diverse backgrounds — who have unique crossover appeal. We are also creating unique messages to hold and flip crucial districts — including the GOP's only urban and Spanish-language messaging in close to a dozen swing seats last cycle.

There's no question there's a dire need for new voices within our Party. Catalyst PAC is charting a course to achieve just that — as we appeal to voters with a fresh message they haven't heard from national Republicans for far too long, one that says:

"You, too, belong with us."



Become an annual member of Catalyst PAC with your donation of $250 or more. Membership includes access to all in-person and virtual events and influence over Catalyst PAC endorsements.


"As the first Latina Republican to represent Oregon in Congress, I'm eager to see more trailblazing Members join our caucus. That's why I'm proud to support Catalyst PAC's mission.



Why Support Catalyst PAC

  • Millions of American voters are ready to leave the Democrats, and are waiting for a compelling GOP message — and Catalyst PAC is the only group specifically dedicated to reach them

  • Polls show that black, Hispanic, Asian, and gay and lesbian voters are all shifting to the Right with almost no GOP engagement; imagine what we can do if we put our foot on the gas, with your support today!

  • Catalyst PAC is the only GOP outside group that supports diverse candidates for U.S. Congress and reaches diverse voters — and Democrats have dozens of them!

  • Your donation goes directly to candidates with proven crossover appeal and flip districts Republicans cannot win otherwise.

  • Membership includes exclusive in-person Catalyst PAC networking events with candidates as well as with current elected Congressional leadership.

  • You'll be a part of a growing movement of like-minded Party leaders and activists.

  • Donors giving over $250 per year gain access to perks such as a vote on our candidate endorsements, candidate nominations, and tickets to all of our in-person events. Learn more about Catalyst PAC's donation levels and perks here!

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"It's very important that people feel they can relate to their candidate. That's why I am supporting Catalyst PAC in its mission to build a more representative Republican Party."

NRCC Recruitment Chair, '22

Catalyst PAC Moved Voters in 2022!

With bold investments in districts across the United States, Catalyst PAC was able to support superlative new GOP Congressional leaders and move voters over one percent in key Toss-Up races. The GOP has  made historic gains in diverse communities, but the work for 2024 begins now.

Read more about our unique mission as the only GOP outside group to support diverse Republican candidates and reach every American community with the GOP message of prosperity, peace through strength, and a shot at the American Dream in every community.

Catalyst PAC Support Added 1% to "Toss-Up" Races in 2022 — And We Can Do So Much More!


The generosity of our sponsoring individuals, organizations and Congressional Leaders makes it possible for Catalyst PAC to fulfill our mission.

We're grateful for their commitment towards a Republican Party that's more representative of America on the whole.


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